I Have Two Children, Thank You Very Much

I understand the urge to go up to a grocery cart with a beautiful baby in it and ooh and aah over the adorable little one. I’ve done it. But what would you do if someone came up to your cart to do the same thing and totally ignored the equally beautiful, just older, child sitting in the cart as well? This happened to me yesterday in the store, and although I know it’s happened before, it has been particularly bugging me lately because my beautiful, sensitive-hearted Bean has begun noticing. Yesterday we were in a store and the two ladies involved KNOW HER, but they ignored her anyway. She tried to get their attention. “Hi! I’m (Bean)! I’m four years old”, and they basically brushed her aside. My heart hurt for her and I did my best to steer conversation her way, but the damage was already done. I removed us from the situation as quickly as I could, but she didn’t want my help and spent the rest of the time at the store just a little bit down.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has not been limited to strangers. This week on Facebook, I posted two pictures, one of each of the kids. Everyone commented on the picture of Bubba, how handsome he is, how grown up he is getting. Only ONE person commented on Bean’s picture! I wanted to hug her for it. For noticing my wonderful girl.

Let’s face it, folks, it’s hard being the older sibling. Going from being the center of attention to being brushed aside for someone younger and cuter. As parents, Hubby and I do what we can, but Bean notices what other people do as well. So, the next time you see that cute little baby in the cart? Stop to pay attention to the older child(ren) as well. You will make their(and their parents) day!

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