Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone has a fun and festive holiday!  I’m really looking forward to Trick or Treating tonight with the cutest little blue monster and most beautiful Princess in the whole wide world!  For the record, Bean will be the princess and will be dressed as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and the Potato will be the little blue monster complete with horns and an alligator-like tail.  Hubby has provided them with some fantastic transportation for the evening in a “Doom Buggy” he concocted from his father’s golf cart, some black garden cloth and a couple of styrofoam skulls.  I’ll try and snap some good pictures today to show off both the kids and the cart!

I cannot believe it’s actually the end of October already!  There are a lot of times I don’t write because, quite frankly, there’s not been anything interesting to write about.  But for the past few months, there’s been a ton going on and although I’ve been dying to share, I haven’t taken the time to actually sit down and commit it to the blog.  I can’t believe that I haven’t shared with you two of my most exciting projects, Tour-de-Sock (rav link) and Sock Sniper (rav link)!  These are two knitting contests, clearly sock-related, that I started on Ravelry to raise money for Doctors without Borders.  Sniper kicked off on September 1 with 90 snipers and as of this morning we’re down to the Final Four!  I cannot wait to see how that one turns out!

The Tour began on October 1 with over 200 racers signed up.  Stage Three (of six) will finish up tonight at midnight.  It’s hard to believe that the race is halfway done, but I’m already planning for next year!  These two contests got thrown together rather quickly after a wild hair of an idea in June and I’ve got so many ideas to make it better next time!  The participants have been really great and supportive.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know them all!  Hopefully I can keep them happy for the next three rounds… Another big plus of this experience has been the opportunity to work with some amazing designers and sponsors!  I’ve even been offered the opportunity to work with one of my sponsors on another project that I’ll hopefully be able to reveal very soon!

I have been doing a bunch of sock knitting to go with these two contests.  Between them, there are 11 patterns and I tested each of them before releasing them to the contestants.  One of them I did in two different sizes.  Then I had a little bit of “travel knitting” to do when Hubby and I ran away to the Caymans in August.  So, all tolled, I’ve knit 10 complete pairs of socks and 3 half pairs.  I’m hoping to finish up one of the incomplete pairs later today or tomorrow and have the rest done in the next week or so.  I think I’m a bit burned out on socks right now!

Have a great day today and keep away from the spooks tonight!

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