A Bonanza of Burp Cloths….and other Finished Objects

I think I’ve developed a bit of a problem when it comes to kitchen cotton lately.  I found some Bernat recently that I really loved and got started knitting some burp cloths to give to some friends who are expecting and now I’ve done about 16 of them in the past month!  Oh well, they will make good gifts, plus I have some to use for Bubba who is becoming increasingly messy as he discovers more and more foods that he loves to eat!

Here is the original batch that got me going in Psychedlic

Followed by Moondance

And then Batik

Then a little stash busting with Fiesta

I have a TON more of this cotton, so will be doing a bunch more of these in the future.  It’s an easy pattern (rav link) and pretty mindless knitting for times when you can’t really focus on anything more complicated.  I’ve even worked on a couple of these at the gym while riding the stationary bike!

Another project that I’ve been working on (seemingly forever) is a Tunisian stich baby blanket.  I had forgotten how long Tunisian stitch takes!  I must admit that I love the result, but unfortunately, the blanket came out a little more feminine than I had intended and the baby it was meant for came out a little more masculine (the mom didn’t peek, so I was trying for a gender neutral blankie and failed).  Fortunately, I have another blanket in my gift stash that will work for her baby and I’ll save this one for the next girl to come along.  Sorry, no link to a pattern, I made this one up as I went!

Here are some gloves that I finished a month or two ago but haven’t been able to photograph since they were made for my darling friend, Kate, who has abnormally small pinkies and therefore no one but she could model them for me.  I’m so glad that I was able to get them to her in time for the hottest June on record since the mid-seventies!  I do love these gloves though (rav link) and think I will probably make a pair for myself this winter.  I did modify the pattern a bit to exclude the bobbles in the original pattern and substitute a plain, ribbed cuff.

Another sweet baby knit that has come off my needles this month is a pair of pants for my bestest, best friend in the whole wide world who is expecting her first in late September.  I love this yarn from Zitron called Unisono and have a TON of it in my stash!  I heavily modified the pattern for the Baby Brights Pants from Lion Brand so they were done in the round and just about seamlessly.  I also got rid of the garter stitch cuffs in favor of a hemmed cuff.  The crotch is grafted instead of seamed and the wasteband was kitchnered from the live stitches instead of bound off and sewn.  So basically, all I used from the original pattern was the dimensions…does that count as designing my own pattern?

And finally, I participated last week in a Knit Along sponsored by the lovely Miss Babs!  The pattern in the Marrowstone Shawl (rav link) and I used Miss Babs Yummy 2 ply yarn in the Van Gogh colorway.  This is a super fast and easy knit with an easily memorizable lace pattern for the edging.  Then the body of the shawl is picked up and shaped using short rows.  I cast this on last Friday (June 3) and finished it up yesterday (June 6) and I wasn’t even knitting the majority of the time, just a couple of hours each day.  Here it is blocking, I’ll try and get some better pictures of it soon!

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